You and everyone else, sunshine.

Sorry, that was rude. There’s actually zero shame in being driven to do more and kick your goals. But what if it actually had very little to do with your own determination in your career and more to do with how we’re hardwired these days?

I still think you’re amazing and all of that, but below is what might be giving you a kind nudge to fruitful entrepreneurialism.


People who grew up anytime after say, the 1980s, operate differently in general. We wait for no one or nothing – it’s kind of our schtick. Why wait for an email when we can text instead? Why find a taxi when we can get an Uber?

It’s this kind of mentality that can be attributed to the employment landscape. Why wait several years to climb up a ladder when we can be our own bosses (and the bosses of others if all goes well) quicker with a start-up?

Unfortunately though, we’ve got to combine your need for speed with patience. Such conflicting concepts are known as “patient urgency”, which is what Forbes’ Chunka Mui describes as “the combination of foresight to prepare for a big idea, willingness to wait for the right market conditions, and agility to act straight away when conditions ripen.

If you can’t manage that, you might screw it all up, be back to square one, and rushing to catch up. See the cycle here?


We exist in a world with instant gratification in every corner – a double-tap, a right swipe or a ‘like’ – so it makes sense that we want that virtual ego stroke in reality too.

In theory, it could very well be more of a lifestyle venture than a business one. I mean, haven’t we all been victim to drooling over someone’s job because of how cool / good it sounds on paper, even if it pays badly or doesn’t necessarily make them happy?

YMAZING 5 Reasons Why Y'All Are So Deadset On Running Your Own Start-Up Biz


Recruiters have coined us as “continuous candidates“. We’re never rarely satisfied and see every role as a step towards the real deal, kinda like a string of underwhelming boyfriends before finding the one.

Look at Pip Edwards, for example, who was constantly looking for her next challenge and an eagerness to do more, an audacity that saw her heading up successful activewear label P.E Nation. We spoke to her about that venture, which you can get around below.

Find out more on how Pip uses her Microsoft Surface to get ahead here. We’ll be rolling out interviews with equally brilliant business peeps over the coming weeks as part of our Beneath the Surface video series with Microsoft Surface, so keep your eyes peeled for artist Fintan Magee and photographer / filmmaker Jarred Seng.


According to research by ManPower Solutions’ Global Millennial Survey (cited on Business Insider), the main reason we look for new job opportunities is because of insufficient opportunities to develop leadership skills. This can be nipped in the bud by heading up your own thing, and suddenly this is all making sense.


PEDESTRIAN.TV conducted their own research last year that showed 99% of respondents (1000 people aged 18-29 were interviewed) wanted a job that they love, when it used to be all about making ends meet, rather than leaving the office mentally moist over your drive, passion and enjoyment for your gig.

But what makes someone love their job? Generally passion, no? It’s a sure bet that if you spearhead your own project, you’re passionate as hell about it, so job satisfaction is pretty much complementary with that avenue.


Kicking off a business is no easy feat, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely much easier and affordable than ever before. Overheads are low, mass audiences are easier to reach through social media, and the need for a physical product is redundant. For most things in life, blame (or praise) the world wide web for “freedom businesses” – something that provides financial security, location independence and all-round personal fulfilment.

And look, if you see some chick getting paid to wear Suboo in Santorini under the mere condition that she takes a photo of it and puts it on Instagram, then of course you’re going to have a anything you can do I can do better outlook. How hard can it reallllllyyyy be?

More than anything our generation pool wants and almost needs to dictate how, when and where they work.

And the rise of start-up businesses has shown us that’s possible.

YMAZING 5 Reasons Why Y'All Are So Deadset On Running Your Own Start-Up Biz  YMAZING 5 Reasons Why Y'All Are So Deadset On Running Your Own Start-Up Biz

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5 Reasons Why Y'All Are So Deadset On Running Your Own Start-Up Biz
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