Interviewing Manu Goswami, a young entrepreneur, I have come to one major realization.
A realization so simple yet so profound.
A realization if implemented properly becomes a catalyst for success.
That realization is Nike’s famous tag line: Just do it!
Manu started taking initiative at the tender age of 7 when he built and sold his very own hovercraft with the help of his father. Although his dad set out to kindle his interest in engineering, Manu began enjoying the business and marketing aspect of the entire process. Thus this seemingly insignificant endeavor planted the seedling for business in him. This seedling has been growing ever since. We never know what life brings us. We need to just have the courage and take action. The rest will follow. Unfortunately being a young entrepreneur will always bring along cynics who underestimate your abilities.
What Manu has to say about that is:
Ignore them and seek out the ones who truly want to help you!
A realization so simple yet so profound - Interview with Swarochish 'Manu' Goswami
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