At the beginning of the year, I always find myself in a reflective state of mind about the year that I have just had and what I would like for the year ahead. Normally, January and February are awash with social events with friends and family, then settling back into work before I really get time to think.

I know that I am not alone in this.

Over the past few months, I have had a number of close friends ask if they could grab a coffee with me or call me and talk through their feelings about their life and future. It can be an incredibly scare prospect to put all your hopes and fears on the table even with a friend, and to try and make sense of all the thoughts swirling around your head.

One thing that I have appreciated lately, while I have been reflecting on my own journey and next steps, has been when you are asked the right question. The right question can cut through the niceties of friendship and goes to the heart of what you really want to be asked, but mightn’t actually know it.

So I have pulled together seven questions, that have really helped me consider what I am doing with my life, my next steps and also what drives me.

As a facilitator, we believe that; the knowledge is within the group, and it is our role to create the space for the sharing and learning to take place. So with that in mind, I would encourage you to take the time to answer these questions for yourself – cause the knowledge is within yourself. Find a quiet place, if thats how you like to reflect, and write down your honest, authentic answers. No one has to know the answers, there is no right or wrong, there is only you, your thoughts and the questions that create the space for this exploration to take place.

The Seven BIG Questions…

What are 3 things that you are most proud of about yourself?

What makes you happiest in your life?

What do people thank you for?

What do you like helping people with?

If you knew that you couldn’t fail at something, what would you do?

What makes you want to stay awake all night?

What would you like to be remembered for?

These are some BIG questions. I recently asked a friend about what makes her happiest in her life, and she found it difficult to answer. That is ok. If that does happen, allow yourself the time to really contemplate, sit with that thought and consider why this question is difficult to find the answer. It might lead you to identify barriers in your life that you might wish to address or overcome.

In this case, I will include one more question.

What can I do to:

  • Change this?
  • Enhance this?
  • Overcome this?
  • Remove this from my life?

I hope this is helpful, it has been helpful for me. I would recommend, if you are comfortable, sharing your answers with someone you trust.

7 BIG life questions
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