Thinking about how to engage your potential candidates in 2017? While the field of employer brand building is still in its infancy for many managers, it has quickly proven itself valuable to many businesses. Nonetheless, some people are still stuck on whether or not employer branding is a proven instrument for employer marketing (thinking about strategic marketing management [1]) — largely because they don’t understand what employer branding in online communities can do.

A good employer brand manager isn’t just “hanging out” on social media all day. Although they play different roles (depending on the industry), they are often the first in line to help your potential candidates engage with and understand your company. They help with driving company culture, talent retention and growing employer brand experience. Here’s a peek into what each these topics mean, and how employer brand managers achieve their goals with the following points:

1: Praise people and get them excited

Search relevant topics, and/or keywords to find blogs to comment on, niche     networks to participate in, or questions to answer.

Use various social media platforms to have conversations with potential candidates and company advocates.

Create viral blogger outreach campaigns.

Create brand ambassadors from existing employees.

Grow relevant followers and fans to social media accounts (the key word here being relevant, anyone can jack up the followers numbers, but you need someone who will find your target audience and get them to listen).

Participate in relevant channels and attend industry-specific networking events.

2: Humanize your brand and engage potential candidates

Create, distribute, and/or share relevant content.

Facilitate introductions within the target group community.

Make personal connections with the communities by speaking with them on a regular basis.

Moderate social media comments and respond accordingly.

3: Measure what you do and understand business development

Speak directly with potential candidates, whether that be via social media, email, on the phone, or in person on events or community groups.

Ask candidates for feedback, either directly or by polling.

Measure the employer brand’s social media analytics by controlling and continuous improvement of the HR Marketing activities based on adequate KPIs

Monitor online presence of the community — e.g., is your business what comes up when current or potential candidates are searching?

4: Enhance innovation and seek for digital trends

Monitor competition and industry trends to determine what they are doing better, how they are doing it, and how this information can improve your community.

Test new social media platforms as they arise and determine which are a good fit for the company and implementing accordingly.

Work as the middleman between the potential candidates and the internal recruiting team to improve candidate experience.


By incorporating these points, an employer brand manager will spend the day giving your company a human voice and building a community that lasts.

Reference: [1] Meffert H., Burmann C., Kirchgeorg M. | Marketing: Grundlagen marktorientierter Unternehmensführung Konzepte – Instrumente – Praxisbeispiele, Springer Gabler; Auflage: 12 (20. Oktober 2014). Based on the article written by Jennifer Grayeb,; The 4 Pillars of Community Management.

How to Grow A Candidate’s Network?
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