We come to this world – grow up and are more or less raised – get our meme inserted and bump into a whole lot of external stimuli that also contribute to our „human“ process which, according to macro-social views, ideally ends in us having had a good job as well as a successful life. So far – linear. But usually it’s not that straightforward. This can start with the realization that the meme instilled in us doesn’t match up to our own nature at all. For instance, if the family insists on the principle of „performance/discipline“ but you realize your own principle is rather that of „passion/freedom“. These ideas are not compatible. Now we have a new element which is somehow not implemented in the old system. Plus, anxiety arises. The parents’ lack of understanding with regard to the „child that’s wired differently“ as well as the child’s „lack of understanding“, specified here as „the new system – child 2.0“.

There is a reason for this – it’s called progress. This process cannot be stopped, it’s not controllable and as already mentioned – non linear. This means you can’t plan it – it happens when it should and must happen. This does not mean that the system or concept which has been pursued by the previous generations is bad. It is, however, time to modify it, since the external factors are constantly changing, as well. This is also non linear, because the best things from the old system can also be adopted.

Our brain is such an innovative object. It constantly creates new links, deletes old ones and develops further when we feed it and are in good health. Things that we „can do“ are located in the depths in a power-saving and place-saving area and are retrievable at any time. Besides it is connected to a world of feelings that significantly contribute to how and how well we remember something. This is all very complex and not particularly linear. This is all rather abstract. This process always arises from the „inside“, which continuously communicates with the outside. Children are especially creative and innovative in this regard, and have a natural ability to perform this.

So why do we always try to approach innovation processes in a linear way from top to bottom? Why must there be a cover up over the old system from above in order to reform it? Why not innovative and make use of the natural process within nature and approach the whole thing differently. What are the requirements? In every case, a good deal of reflection. What are the capabilities of such a non-linear innovation in the end? It yields benefits for every participant within this system, to help them individually achieve value, from within. And with this, the biggest fears should be virtually eliminated, because this is the purpose for most people when they come to the world: that they are good for something and have a value that originates from them and not one that is imposed on them. A value that they create themselves. Thus, it is important that everyone participates in this process. And that has to be the number one goal – to accelerate innovation. To create opportunities that let everyone participate. That would be innovative. Free education access for everyone and unconditional basic income would also help the people to find out who they are and what they can contribute.

„Innovation Must Come From Within“ - How Innovation Processes Work
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