Negotiating the first salary is the most important step in the hiring process, but money talk can get uncomfortable for many people. A PayScale study proves it, which shows that for this reason, 28% of respondents never specifically negotiated their salary. If you are in this situation as well, you will find out in this article whether email or phone might help you.

We all know that a good negotiation can only bring advantages on the long term, yet many times, the sheer presence of the manager conducting the employment can cause intense emotions. If you thought of replacing an often uncomfortable conversation with email correspondence, you have to know what specialists say about this, and the answer is: it depends.

Negotiating by email

If, due to emotions, you just cannot negotiate face to face, Alison Doyle, recruitment expert for The Balance, says you can successfully do it by email if you carefully choose your words. Among the mentions should be that you are very interested by the position within the company and ask whether the salary package is flexible.

This method would be easier for the employer as well, because an answer does not have to be given on the spot. Of course, negotiating by mail also means that you will have to wait for an answer, and this might increase your anxiety.

Negotiating face-to-face or by phone

If your purpose is obtaining the highest possible salary, a classic conversation might be the best option for you. This is because you can easily avoid being caught in a game of numbers. Moreover, face-to-face negotiation allows you to adjust you position and, very importantly, do not forget about body language, which can be a great advantage. Adopt a comfortable position during the talk, try and control your reactions, fix a minimum salary and leave embarrassment aside.

On the other hand, if the discussion takes place by phone, you should know that the dialogue will be shorter and will be based on specific data. Keep in mind that the smile is “visible” on the phone and it might help your speech a lot.

No matter your method, remember that it is always better to ask than not ask at all.

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Looking to negotiate your salary by email or phone? Here is what specialists say
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