A new survey has highlighted that for many just getting onto the working ladder, it’s now body over career – not mind over matter. The findings revealed a worrying trend showing concerns over physical attributes outweigh goals in the workplace and future progression.It also found that young people were just as likely to be emotionally affected by putting on weight before a holiday as they are when they’re overlooked for promotion at work.

The survey by Make Your Switch looked at psychological attitudes and beliefs of young people and their health and lifestyle choices.Two thirds of millenials would exchange a 20% pay cut for the “perfect” body, while 17% have received comments about their weight from a colleague. According to the findings, many millenials are prepared to prioritise their body image over financial security.Nearly 50% of millienials who took part in the study said they would take the 20% pay cut in order to achieve a flat or toned stomach, with 34% saying they would do it to acheive a smaller waist. 27% would take the pay cut to achieve a thigh gap and larger breasts.YMAZING Two thirds of young people would happily take a pay cut for this one reason  Body image is the number one insecurity across all age groups and both genders, with young women seven times more likely to worry about weight and their body images than their career, compared to 6% of young men.Young women are also 14 times more likely to worry about weight and body image than their personality (44% compared to 3% of young men). Emma Kenny, psychologist and director of MakeYourSwitch.co.uk, says: “It’s very concerning that young people are attributing more importance to achieving the ‘perfect body’ in the short term while important long-term life goals that contribute to wider wellbeing and satisfaction are being sacrificed and overlooked.”