How would you feel about bargaining with someone on the price of a product in a shop?

Would you feel more comfortable debating the price tag online, perhaps?

A new study from shows that there is a definite correlation between age and bargaining confidence.

The research shows that a staggering 48% of Baby Boomers claimed they were the best at haggling compared to other generations while more than half would be happy to bargain for a deal on the high street.

YMAZING Which generation is the best at bargaining?

But what about the younger generations?

While millennials might be a little shy when it comes to haggling face to face, 41% have plucked up the courage to haggle on the internet, with a subsequent 91% success rate.

With the ongoing rise in popularity of sites such as eBay and Gumtree, millenials are happy to do their haggling from behind a computer screen.

So how do you bargain online? It’s a lot easier than it may sound – you could contact a seller by email or get in touch via webchat.

Another popular technique is to leave an item in your online shopping basket and then wait for the retailer to contact you with a potential discount code.

While this may sound like an unlikely way to get your hands on a cut price deal, 57% of those asked said this had been a successful tactic.

So, is it really the face to face aspect that’s putting youngsters off?

It would appear so – online bargaining has really started to catch on across the UK.

As many as 40% of people said they are less embarrassed by haggling online than they would be to do it in person.

Which generation is the best at bargaining?
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