The anatomy of our being is a complex model of flesh, muscles, sinews and limbs, but the anatomy of a future leader is very simple: if you’re alive and have drive, then a leader you can be.

That was the message from well-renowned leadership speaker and author, Robin Sharma.

Speaking at a breakout session at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Sunday, Sharma said everyone can lead without a title.

“For those of you who want to stand for immortality and create a legacy of mastery, you now have a great opportunity, because we live in a world where energy is more important that intellect.”

Referencing the importance of education – both academics and life skills – Sharma said it is the “inoculation against disruption”.

“That’s because it is the best way to address the challenge of identifying, nurturing and retaining great talent.”

For those with a more reactive approach to life, he said it is time for change.

“How many people are experiencing death-by-discussion? If you want to lead you have to execute, we need less talk and more do.”

And for those already in leadership positions, the journey does not stop there.

“If you are deriving your power from within your government you’re in a vulnerable position. People will not give you their best, they will just follow. Nothing fails like success. It’s a very dangerous place. What happened to the great empires, leaders? They were the victims of their own success.”

So in short, the “essence of legendary” is longevity, he said.

“Leadership is about an approach, a way of being. Small consistent acts lead to huge change. The more you innovate the more you stumble. The more you dare the more you’re going to get hurt. The more you dream the further you’ll get.”

Sharma’s 5 rules for leadership

1. The victim is all about ‘can’t’, the leader is all about ‘can’
2. The victim makes excuses, the leader gets results
3. The victim is distracted, the leader is focused
4. The victim is frightened of change, the leader is inspired by change
5. The victim is a follower, a leader leads.

You only need to exist to be a great leader
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